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Ropemakers Close

Ropemakers Close, Perth, in Soutar's time.

Backlands   play

In backlands aff the Ropey Close,
Whan the müne grows cauld and sneep,
The bairnies wha were beddit boss
Hae grat themsel's to sleep.
The auld wife, boo'd abüne her wark
Steeks on be cannel-flame:
The sma'-hour dinnles through the dark
The trollop taivers hame.


close - alley; sneep - white; bairnies - children; beddit - put to bed; boss - unfed;
grat - cried; boo'd - bent; abüne - over; steeks - stitches; cannel - candle;
dinnles - tingles; trollop - sloven; taivers - wanders.

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