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Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove, by the Tay, Perth.
Photograph courtesy of the Perthshire Advertiser.

Ballad   play

O! shairly ye hae seen my love
Doun whaur the waters wind:
He walks like ane wha fears nae man
And yet his e'en are kind.
O! shairly ye hae seen my love
At the turnin o' the tide;
For then he gethers in the nets
Doun be the waterside.
O! lassie I hae seen your love
At the turnin o' the tide;
And he was wi' the fisher-folk
Doun be the waterside.

The fisher-folk were at their trade
No far frae Walnut Grove;
They gether'd in their dreepin nets
And fund your ain true love.


shairly - surely; e'en - eyes; gether - gather; dreepin - dripping.

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