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South Inch Terrace

South Inch Terrace, birthplace of William Soutar.

Photograph courtesy of Perth Museums and Art Gallery, Perth and Kinross Council.

Cradle Sang   play

Fa' owre, fa' owre, my hinny,
There's mony a weary airt;
And nae end to the traikin,
For man has a hungry hert.
What wud ye hae for ferlie
And no ken the want o' mair?
The sün for a gowdan aipple:
The müne for a siller pear.


Fa' owre - fall asleep; hinny - honey; airt - way; traikin - trecking; ferlie - wonder; ken - know;
want - need; mair - more; gowdan - golden; siller - silver.

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