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Battle of the Clans

The Battle of the Clans memorial stone.

Hal o' the Wynd   play

Hal o' the Wynd, he taen the field
Alang be the skinklin Tay:
And he hackit doun the men o' Chattan;
Or was it the men o' Kay?
Whan a' was owre he dichted his blade
And steppit awa richt douce
To draik his drouth in the Skinner's Vennel
At clapperin Clemmy's house.

Hal o' the Wynd had monie a bairn;
And bairns' bairns galore
Wha wud speer about the bloody battle
And what it was fochten for.
"Guid-faith! My dawties, I never kent;
But yon was a dirlin day
Whan I hackit doun the men o' Chattan;
Or was it the men o' Kay?"


taen - took; skinklin - sparkling; dichted - wiped; douce - sedate; draik - slake;
drouth - thirst; clapperin - chattering; monie - many; bairn - child; speer - question;
fochten - fought; dawties - darlings; kent - knew; dirlin - thrilling.

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