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View from Caller Fountain

Looking down Strathearn from Caller Fountain.

The Quiet   play

Ayont the Caller Fountain
Whan gowks were in the schaw,
We gether'd the wild roses
That were sae white and sma';
And kent they süne wud fa'.
We gether'd the wild roses,
And heard on yon hillside
The burn rin to the water
That was baith deep and wide,
And taen it to the tide.
Whaur are the merry faces;
The herts that aince were dear?
Listen! there is a quiet
Steady ablow a' steer:
The sang we didna hear.


ayont - beyond; caller - fresh; gowks - cuckoos; schaw - wood; kent - knew; taen - took; aince - once;
ablow - below; steer - commotion.

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