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River Tay

The River Tay flowing through central Perth.

The River

When the mirk is owre the gavels,
And the clatterin brigs are still,
A sang comes up frae the water
Swurlin by wi' a sweel.
It is mair auld nor gledness,
Mair auld nor sorrow and care;
And wha listens to yon music
His thocht grows cauld and clear:
And he feels the world's glory
Gang flitterin owre his bluid
Like the skimmer o' the lamplicht
On the dark and singin tide.

Please note there is no audio for this poem.


mirk - dark; owre - over; gavels - gables; clatterin - noisy; brigs - bridges;
swurlin - swirling; sweel - whirl; mair - more; auld - old; nor - than;
thocht - thought; gang - go; flitterin - fluttering; skimmer - shimmer.

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