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Perth from Corsie Hill

Perth from Corsie Hill.

The Dark Thocht   play

Up on the hill abüne the toun
Whan pit-mirk is the nicht,
And but a star or twa glent doun
Wi' their cauld and clinty licht;
A thocht comes cryin through the bluid
That there is nae toun ava:
Only the water and the wüd
And the heuch attowre them a':
And set within a nicht sae black,
And in sae lane an hour,
Wha kens gin he is glowerin back
Or glimmerin far afore?


abüne - above; pit-mirk - deep darkness; glent - sparkles; clinty - hard; bluid - blood;
ava - at all; heuch - crag; attowre - over; lane - lonely; kens - knows;
gin - if; glowerin - scowling; glimmerin - winking; afore - before.

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