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Perth High Street

Perth High Street in earlier days.

Thrang and Thrivin   play

Wha daunders round St Johnstoun,
Or up and doun onie gate,
Will gang by monie a kirk and pub,
And monie a doctor's plate.
But whether a rowth o' preachin
Is byord'nar drouthy wark;
Or whether a rowth o' leechin
Maks folk keep in wi' the kirk;
Or whether a rowth o' drinkin
Needs a rowth o' physic and prayer -
Ye winna be lang in thinkin
They're a' thrang and thrivin there.


daunders - strolls; St Johnstoun - Perth; onie gate - any road; monie - many; kirk - church;
plate - nameplate; rowth - abundance; byord'nar - extraordinary; drouthy - thirsty; wark - work;
leechin - doctoring; physic - medicine; thrang - strong.

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