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Fair Maid's House

The Fair Maid's House, North Port, Perth.

The Tryst   play

O luely, luely cam she in
And luely she lay doun:
I kent her be her caller lips
And her breists sae sma' and roun'.
A' thru the nicht we spak nae word
Nor sinder'd bane frae bane:
A' thru the nicht I heard her hert
Gang soundin' wi' my ain.
It was about the waukrife hour
Whan cocks begin to craw:
That she smool'd saftly thru the mirk
Afore the day wud daw.

Sae luely, luely cam she in
Sae luely was she gaen:
And wi' her a' my simmer days
Like they had never been.
Audio kindly supplied by Katie Targett-Adams and David Campbell


luely - softly; kent - knew; caller - fresh; breists - breasts; sinder'd - parted;
bane - bone; gang - go; waukrife - wakeful; smool'd - slipped away; mirk - dark;
afore - before; wud - would; daw - dawn; gaen - gone; simmer - summer.

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