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Craigie Waterfall

Craigie Waterfall, Perth.

The Waterfall

Behind the trees we heard the water fall
Murmurous as life which is the voice of God;
And our own isolate life was quieted
Listening to this eternal murmur:
We were content, staring upon that sound,
To lose our voices in a greater voice;
To pause, and look, and listen, and be still.
And gazing thus our eyes were in a trance;
Our ears were shells sonorous with the sea;
Our sole self, brooding outward, was but sense
Of transiency which watched the broken waters
Fall like sand that falls within an hourglass.
The seas of all the world were plunging here,
Salty with every earth, their aery spume
Flung upward, and dissolving smokily,
Loosened its ghosts into the sunny air.
We seemed a silence in a sea of sound;
Yet our own blood, like to this waterfall,
Was surging earthward, and was gathered up,
And was part of all the seven seas;
A stream of memory, itself a ghost
Formed, for one instantaneous moment,
Self-known upon the lighted arc of life.

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