William Soutar

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William Soutar

A K Bell Library,
York Place,
t: +44 (0)1738 477062
e:Local Studies

The Soutar House,
27 Wilson Street,
t: +44 (0)1738 643687

Recent and Coming Highlights

Soutar Walk 2024

Click to see the possee in the Ropey Close!

Soutar Birthday Lecture 2024

Frieda Morrison

Bairnrhymes Final 2023

Craigie come up trumps!

Soutar Plaque Installed

More artwork in Tay Street!

In a Sma Room CD Released

Look and listen...!

Soutar Writing Prize 2020

THe Soutar Prize returns!

Makars' Court Flagstone

Soutar now commemorated in Edinburgh.
see more...

Audio-Visual Archive

Katrina MacLeod's audio and visual clips.
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Website Content

Soutar's Life and Work

sailor soutar Introduction Synopsis of Willie Soutar, Perth poet, 1898-1943, bedridden with ankylosing spondylitis from 1930
student soutar Life Four summary chapters covering the major segments of his life
poet soutar Poetry Selected poems with glossaries and audio readings
bibliography Bibliography A list of Soutar's works and works about Soutar

Friends of William Soutar (SC039101)

celtic friendship knot Introduction Origins and work of the society, a registered charity
audio-visual archive Audio-Visual Archive Interviews with Folk Who Knew Soutar
poetry on the buses Poetry on the Buses Soutar posters on Stagecoach buses
bairnrhymes Soutar's Bairnrhymes Bairnrhymes primary schools competition
bookcases Soutar House Bookcases Original bookcases reinstated in Soutar House
events calendar Events Calendar Upcoming diary dates and those of previous significance
grave Soutar's Grave Location of Soutar's grave in Jeanfield & Wellshill Cemetery
lectures Soutar Lectures Soutar Birthday Lectures
makars' court Soutar's Flagstane Soutar commemorated in Makars' Court, Edinburgh
music Soutar Music Music set to Soutar's texts by various composers/performers
panels Soutar Panels Information on the needlework panels, located in the theatre
prizes Soutar Prize Annual Soutar Writing Competition
membership roll Membership Roll Current friends - to join, use the Contact page
schools Schools Competitions and resources available for local teachers
sculpture Soutar Sculpture Soutar-related public art located in Perth
shows Soutar Shows Keekin Gless, Sing a Sang o Soutar and In a Sma Room
theatre Soutar Theatre Information on the theatre in the A K Bell Library, Perth
the arch The Arch e-book produced by Geart Tigchelaar and David Eyreh
walks Soutar Walks Maps of walks connecting poem settings in Perth


contact Contact Use for queries, contributions or joining the Friends
links Links Links to related organisations and individuals

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